[System Design/ OS]Part#1:System Design/OS (DevOps/SRE) Resources Collection


Image Source: Web Scalability for Startup Engineers by Artur Ejsmont
Source: Google images

Videos upload/play :

(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFLU6T15seY&t=327s

Linux Internals:

(1) Paging and Swapping : http://www.learnlinux.org.za/courses/build/internals/ch05s03.html

System Design:

Database choices:

Relational database

  • data and data relationships need to strictly follow schema
  • consistent transactions are important
  • hard to scale because relationships are hard to partition effectively
  • fast at following graph edges
  • suited to complex network analytics
  • less mature technology than Relational
  • retrieve by a key
  • documents with different schemas that are easy to update
  • easy to scale
  • no schema or relationships known to the database
  • very simple operations
  • easy to scale
  • memory effective for sparse data
  • full text search or fuzzy search service
  • many data streams
  • real time entry ordering functionality



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